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About Writing A Business Letter? Here Are the Types of Business Letters

Are you about to write a business letter, but you have no idea how to write them?

First of all, you have to understand the types of business letters that will make you easier to decide which one is the most appropriate to your needs.

According to Wikipedia, a business letter is usually a letter from one company to another, or between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of letter depends on the relationship between the parties concerned.

Here are the business letters you have to know:

1. Cover letter

Applying for job is usually accompanied by a cover letter. This type of letters contains an introduction of the sender, description of the enclosed, and why it is sent. This is usually very short. Cover letter is also used to accompany a report, package, and other merchandise. 

2. Sales letter

This kind of letter usually start with a strong statement capturing the interest of the reader. It also contains such a call to action with the purpose of getting the readers do something intended. Besides, the letter usually contains an explanation of the benefit the reader could take, as well as the information to help the readers taking the action. 

3. Recommendation letter 

This type of letter is used to recommend an applicant to a prospective employer. This is issued by the previous employer describing the relation and opinion about the job seeker. 

4. Resignation letter

Are you planning for resigning from your job? You'd better to prepare your resignation letter before resigning. This letter should be provided to the intermediate manager you are working at.  This letter contains the reason why you are about leaving the company. Besides, the most important thing is that you have to include the last day you are working for. 

5. Follow up letter

This type of letter is used for following the initial communication. It can be a business review, a thanking letter for the purchase made by the customer, or combination of both thank you letter and sales letter. 

6. Acknowledgement letter

The letter is usually sent to inform other parties that the sender, which is usually a business entity, has received a prior communication. 

7. Order letter 

Is your business entity ordering goods or services to a manufacturer, wholesaler, producer, or a a retailer? This letter is used to do so, containing the specification and the price expected. Sometimes, it also contains the payment. 

8. Sales Letter

Offering something to your potential customer? Sales letter should you have, stating a very strong statement to capture the interest of your potential customer. As this to urge the reader doing something, the type of letter should contains a strong call to action as well as the details of the benefit the customer will take and information assisting the customer. 

9. Complain letter 

For dissatisfying thing you get from a certain product or goods you have just purchase, this type of letter is the best way you express it. You have to be direct to the thing you are complaining, still use a professional way of expressing in order to be listened by the reader.