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How to End Your Cover Letter for a Job with Impact and Confidence

Your cover letter is your chance to make a lasting impression on a potential employer. It's the last thing they'll read before deciding whether to call you in for an interview, so you want to make sure you end it on a high note. But how do you wrap things up in a way that leaves a lasting impact and exudes confidence? Here are some tips to help you end your cover letter with impact and confidence.

Credits: Karolina Graboskwa

1. Summarize your key selling points

One effective way to end your cover letter is to summarize your key selling points. Reiterate why you're the ideal candidate for the job and how your skills and experience align with the company's needs. This not only reinforces your qualifications but also shows the employer that you've done your research and are genuinely interested in the position.

2. Express enthusiasm and gratitude

Expressing enthusiasm and gratitude is another effective way to end your cover letter. Show your excitement for the opportunity to apply for the job and express your gratitude for the employer's time and consideration. This not only leaves a positive impression but also conveys your passion and professionalism.

3. Include a call-to-action

Another effective way to end your cover letter is to include a call-to-action. Encourage the employer to take the next step by inviting them to contact you for an interview or to review your attached resume. This shows that you're proactive and confident in your abilities.

4. Use a confident and positive tone

Finally, it's essential to use a confident and positive tone when ending your cover letter. Avoid using passive language or apologies and instead focus on your strengths and achievements. This conveys confidence and assurance, which are attractive qualities in a potential employee.

Remember, the way you end your cover letter can be just as important as how you begin it. A strong and confident ending can leave a lasting impression on the employer and set you apart from other applicants. Before you finalize your cover letter, take some time to review and revise it to ensure that it ends on a high note.

It's also important to remember that every cover letter should be tailored to the specific job and employer you're applying to. This means that your ending should reflect the tone and requirements of the job posting. If the job requires a creative and enthusiastic approach, then your ending should reflect that. Similarly, if the job posting emphasizes attention to detail and professionalism, your ending should also convey those qualities.

Finally, always make sure to proofread your cover letter carefully before submitting it. Typos and grammatical errors can undermine the impact of your message and make you appear unprofessional. Take the time to review your cover letter and ensure that it's error-free and polished.

In short, ending your cover letter with impact and confidence is an essential part of the job application process. A strong and confident ending can leave a lasting impression on the employer and set you apart from other applicants. By summarizing your key selling points, expressing enthusiasm and gratitude, including a call-to-action, and using a confident and positive tone, you can create an ending that conveys your professionalism and increases your chances of landing your dream job.